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Scaffolding Services

Complete line of scaffolding services that
include material and personnel hoisting


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We are committed to bringing the highest standards of safety and excellence to your project. Our reliable, experienced staff ensures absolute compliance with safety requirements and regulations.


Welcome to PJP Installers

PJP Installers, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the goal of establishing an MBE Hoisting & Scaffolding Company to serve the Greater New York Market. With over 75 years of combined experience amongst our key team members, PJP has been selected to perform work on many key projects in New York. PJP is presently involved in performing work at all major NY Airports, Museums, Art Centers, Hospitals, the SCA, Convention Centers, and many other private sector jobsites across the New York region.

We provide quality products and workmanship in the safest work environment possible. The PJP inhouse Safety Program insures a safe working environment for all customers. We stand proud to hold one of the lowest EMR ratings in the Hoisting & Scaffolding Industry today.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing professional evaluation and solution for any project, big or small. Contact us today and learn more about our offered services listed below:

  • Material & Personal Hoisting
  • Pipe Scaffolding
  • System Scaffolding
  • Shoring Systems
  • Sidewalk Shed & Overhead Protection
  • Concrete Barriers & Yodocks
  • Construcion Fencing
  • Netting
  • Custom Work Platforms
  • Custom Engineered Systems
  • P.E. Stamped Drawings
  • Job Specific Safety Programs

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Skilled & Qualified Team

Our Hoisting & Scaffolding specialists have been highly trained and carry a skillset of expertise that allows PJP the ability to perform work on any Hoisting or Scaffolding project.

On-going inhouse training helps keep the PJP team informed and updated on any new and innovative Scaffolding products as they become available to enhance the Safety & Execution of our work.

Our scaffolding specialists are highly experienced and can complete any task without hassle. Whatever the scale or nature of your project, you can count on us for a work of a very high standard.

We offer risk and method statements that will help you understand our work even better. In addition, we also offer scaffolding equipment for hire.

Let our team of professionals guide you through time and cost saving solutions, suggest specific products that comply with safety standards and put maximum productivity back into your project.




If you're looking for scaffolding installation or scaffolding hire in New York. You can count on us for speedy installation and dismantling. Get in touch with us to hire professional local scaffolders.